Clarity™ clear braces – the most advanced braces technology available

At Naidu Orthodontics, we’re continuously exploring new methods to provide our patients with greater self-confidence, well-being, and reasons to smile in life. All of our patients who require braces will benefit from the Clarity™ Self-Ligating Appliances. Clarity™ SL braces are a modern and attractive alternative to conventional metal braces, giving you the freedom to smile without limitations even during your treatment.

Noticeable progress from start to finish

Clarity™ SL braces are a secure, highly efficient, and almost pain-free approach to straightening your teeth and obtaining your desired results. With Clarity™ SL braces, you may enjoy the perks of a healthier smile in less time and with increased comfort than with standard metal braces.

An attractive offer worth a thousand smiles

The treatment for Clarity™ SL braces begins with you! Our doctor can help you evaluate if Clarity™ SL braces are the treatment of choice for your smile during a free consultation.

Modern – Discreet – Faster

Clarity™ SL braces are a choice you won’t regret. With the use of modern tech and appliances, you can feel the visible change.

What do you get with Clarity™ SL Braces?
  • Ceramic brackets that are both durable and transparent
  • Self-ligation results in fewer appointments and visits to the doctor’s office
  • Clarity™ SL braces can produce beautiful results in a shorter amount of time
  • Smooth, shaped, agreeable edges for less agony and disturbance
  • Self-Ligating – no ligatures to draw in plaque, trap food, or cause staining to the teeth
  • With its open shape, it helps you maintain proper oral hygiene
  • Each section is intended to accommodate your tooth and assist with moving your teeth into place rapidly

If you’d like to learn more about Clarity™ SL braces, please call our clinic to schedule a complimentary orthodontic consultation.