When anything happens to your or your loved one’s braces, it can cause panic, but understand that not every brace mishap requires you to run to the ER. Most of these situations can be easily dealt with at home. Before we know how to deal with different orthodontic emergencies, we need to identify what counts as an orthodontic emergency. Some instances that can be categorized as an orthodontic emergency include severe facial or dental injury, visible signs of gum infection, and severe pain that isn’t going away.

If you face any such situation, we are here to assist you. Immediately call us at our after-hours emergency number (954) 805-3588.

Lack of awareness leads to unnecessary panic and concern. We are here to guide you on how to deal with minor orthodontic issues at home so you won’t have to rush to the ER for nothing.


General Soreness

When you get your braces, it is a common side effect to get small sores or ulcers in your mouth. This is due to the new appliance making its place in your mouth. Your gums and lips aren’t used to this foreign object in your mouth that’s why they easily sore up or scrap on constant contact. This is an unpleasant scenario but the solution is very simple. Just rinse your mouth with lukewarm saltwater regularly and put some Orabase on the affected area for pain relief. These sores go on their own if you maintain good dental hygiene.


Sometimes, patients complain about headgear discomfort. This is because they’re not wearing the headgear as prescribed by Dr. Naidu. It is very important to follow the headgear instructions provided during your appointment. If you wear headgear for the number of prescribed hours, it adjusts well with your mouth shape and causes less discomfort. So, make sure you’re wearing the number of prescribed hours.

Loose Appliance

A loose appliance is no reason to panic. If your braces are loose, just try to push them back or put some orthodontic wax on them to hold them in place until your scheduled visit to our office.

Loose Bracket

If the bracket is a bit loose but still attached to the wire, just push it in its place and put some wax on it. But if the bracket comes entirely out, wrap it with some tissue.

Loose Wire

You can easily fix a loose wire by using a clean pair of tweezers to push it back in place. If it doesn’t work, just clip the loose end with a fingernail clipper and secure the sharp end with some wax.

Poking Wire

This is another annoying yet easily solvable issue. Just push it back in place with the eraser end of a clean pencil or put some wax on it to soothe the pain.