Nothing less than the best for your smile!


We offer our patients with exceptional In-Ovation® treatment.
In-Ovation® is a cutting-edge technology that can give you the beautiful smile you’ve always desired faster than the conventional braces and without the need for unsightly, unhygienic, and inconvenient ties or elastics. Best of all, your braces will never have to be tightened! In-Ovation® uses light, gentle strain on your misaligned teeth to create a more beautiful smile faster and more comfortably than you ever imagined!


Traditional Braces
In traditional braces, elastics and ties exert pressure and friction on teeth, slowing treatment and causing discomfort.

In-Ovation® allows more movement and freedom while going through your orthodontic treatment.


A Beautiful Smile Is Not Painful to Achieve Anymore

With In-Ovation®, you can obtain impressive results months faster than with metal braces, depending on your treatment needs.

In-Ovation® Gives You:
  • Quicker response
  • Fewer office visits 
  • Shorter appointment sessions
  • Improved comfort
  • Improved facial proportion
Attractive Advantages for You

In-Ovation® is available in three versions that are both stylish and pleasant to wear. Consult your doctor to see which In-Ovation bracket is right for you.

  • In-Ovation R Other self-ligating brackets are larger and have a lower profile than In-Ovation R. There will be less inflammation, plaque build-up, and trouble keeping your teeth clean if you don’t use elastic or metal ties.
  • In-Ovation C – is a translucent ceramic bracket that provides quick and pleasant treatment while maintaining a high level of aesthetics.
  • In-Ovation L MTM –  is for patients who require less than 6mm of movement. It is an excellent option for tray aligners. L MTM self-ligatures are completely undetectable.