At Naidu Orthodontics, we share a vision of providing you with the healthy and beautiful smile of your dreams. It is not easy to choose an orthodontic practice out of the many options available. How can you be sure? Who is the right one? Such concerns are common. We suggest letting your gut guide you. Visit the practice, talk to the consultant, see their practice and treatment approach, then choose for yourself. When it comes to orthodontic treatment, it’s always different for each patient. Let yourself decide what’s best for you.

The journey to your perfect smile starts with an initial consultation.

We offer FREE orthodontic consultations to our visitors so they can decide for themselves without feeling any pressure. With an initial consultation, you will get the opportunity to meet Board Certified Orthodontist, Dr. Naidu in person to discuss your dental goals. We offer a tirade of treatment options from Invisalign, SureSmile, and Incognito, to Lingual braces. You can learn about all of these and which one is best suited to your needs.

On your first visit to our office, we will provide you with:

  • A thorough evaluation of your dental and medical history
  • A complete oral examination with an x-ray scan of your teeth
  • A customized treatment plan
  • Financial consultation

Please contact us to schedule your complimentary consultation. We will be glad to answer your queries and help you guide you through the process of orthodontics.

Initial consultations are a great way for us to learn about our patients and vice versa. This is when we discuss your treatment options to make sure we go with the right one for you.


When you leave our office, you will have information about:
  • Your treatment requirements (what appliances or techniques will be used)
  • Estimated duration of your treatment
  • The exact cost of your treatment
  • Your choice in payment options


What happens after the initial consultation?

Right after the initial consultation, we will set up a records appointment for you. During your records appointment, additional x-rays might be needed to ensure an accurate treatment plan. Once we get your bite registration and impression records, Dr. Naidu will review your details. After that, we will set up a bonding appointment with Dr. Naidu which usually takes an hour and a half (90 minutes). During these appointments, our team members will be present for your assistance.

Scheduling Appointments


Usually, an orthodontic visit is scheduled every 4 to 8 weeks and lasts about 20 to 45 minutes. We believe in making these regular visits as accommodating as possible so you won’t have to worry about rescheduling your daily life activities. We appreciate you clearly communicating your available days and hours so we can schedule you accordingly.

Please remember to notify me in case you have to reschedule for another time or day.

Visiting the dentist during orthodontic treatment

Your orthodontic treatment shouldn’t hinder your routine dentist appointments. If anything, it should make you even more vigilant about those routine visits. It is very important to visit your dentist every 4 to 6 months.