There’s always an element of trust required when you first visit a new orthodontic office. We understand the concerns of our new patients, that’s why we stay a step above others in making you feel at home.

Top Three Reasons Why Naidu Orthodontics Is the Best Choice

  1. 1.33% faster turnaround time than any office in the area. We guarantee a faster result with our high-quality practice
  2. A modern practice, better patient experience. At Naidu Orthodontics, we invest where it matters. We don’t use any outdated technology or appliances at our office
  3. Commitment to our community. Our patient reviews are the testimony to our commendable services

Your New Smile Starts Here!

It is not easy to choose an orthodontist, most people depend on their friends’ or family’s recommendations. As trusting someone completely new is very difficult. If you’re in the West Pembroke Pines, East Pembroke Pines, or Doral area, chances are you’ve already heard about our exceptional services but if you haven’t, no worries because you are at the right place.

Our goal is to provide the best dental care possible to each patient who visits our office. We make it our aim to brighten up each smile that walks in. We commit to better service and shorter treatment so you will spend less time in braces and more time doing what you love.

With Dr. Naidu and the team’s expertise and years of experience, you have nothing to worry about. We deal with each case at our state-of-the-art facility with customized care and the utmost professional service. It is our promise to make our client’s experience pleasant and hassle-free.


Relationship with Our Patients – We believe in building honest and trusting relationships with our patients and their families. This makes the process so much easier for both patient and the orthodontist. We seek to understand your concerns and calm your anxieties related to any questions you might have about your treatment.

Reliable Team – All our team members share a common vision of helping each individual who walks into our office as best as we can. This shared goal makes us an excellent team of friendly and cheerful people who love doing their job and are always ready to help patients. We take great pride in our work and dedicate ourselves to making every patient’s orthodontic experience a fun and memorable one.

We believe that orthodontic treatment is teamwork. It produces better results if the patient feels like a part of the team and openly communicates their dental goals.

Advanced Technology – Modern-day technological advances have made orthodontics practice so much better and more accurate. That’s why we believe in utilizing the most up-to-date appliances and techniques available. Some of these appliances and techniques include friction-free self-ligating braces, Incognito braces, SureSmile robotic technology which allows 40% less time in braces, Invisalign, Invisalign Teen, and many more options for your specific needs.

We are very proud to say that Naidu Orthodontics is one of the few practices in Broward to offer SureSmile technology which is the very latest addition in orthodontic treatment and reduces treatment time to 40%!

If you have been putting off your orthodontic needs due to any reason like costs or the embarrassment of having to wear braces, don’t worry, we have a solution to everything!

Digital 3D i-CAT CBCT – Naidu Orthodontics is pleased to say that we are the first orthodontic practice in our community to provide iCAT Cone Beam 3D Digital Imaging to our valued patients. Thanks to this technology, we can provide our patients with the most accurate and quick dental diagnosis. Using the iCAT scanner we produce a highly accurate 3D visual of your bones, teeth, nerves, sinuses, facial bone structure, neck, and jaw. This enables Dr. Naidu to provide you with the high-quality services that you deserve because when it comes to our patient’s care, we don’t compromise on quality at Naidu Orthodontics. The 3D imaging is combined with the SureSmile technology to provide us with customizable results in a shorter treatment time. This technology is safer as it emits 90% less radiation than traditional x-ray scanners. It is quick and comfortable with an average scan taking up to 8.5 seconds.

iTero Digital Impression System – The use of an iTero Scanner makes it easier to develop a precise 3D model of your teeth and gums. It is a convenient, hand-held device that weighs less than a pound, making it ideal to operate. It uses laser technology to provide a real-time simulation of your highly accurate dental impression. This scanner is used for taking impressions for Invisalign braces.

With the iTero scanner, you don’t have to sit uncomfortably with goop in your mouth. iTero scanner takes 1/3 of the time as compared to the traditional technique of taking impressions and is twice as detailed and accurate.

The advanced iTero scanner is a smart device that gives many benefits over the traditional goopy method. First off, a patient’s movement doesn’t disturb or distort the impression. Secondly, it provides a real-time virtual image of your scan, allowing immediate adjustment to ensure a perfect scan for the first time. And finally, the image is high-resolution and far better than conventional impressions.


Patient Communication – One of the ways we make sure to be there for our patients is by making our virtual presence stronger than ever. You can access your patient account any time from our website to view your account information, and appointment details, make online transactions, and much more. We also offer automated appointment confirmation reminders.

No Tin Grins – Don’t want braces? No problem. Mr. Naidu is a certified Incognito and Invisalign orthodontist which means he can fix your mild correctional issues even without braces or if your case absolutely requires braces, he can create just as amazing results with invisible or hidden braces.

Continuing Education – Dr. Naidu and the team believes in extending their educational horizons to always provide the best modern care possible to our patients. That’s why all orthodontic technicians regularly attend educational courses and seminars throughout the year.

Community Involvement – Commitment to our community is not restricted to our office practice. We passionately believe in giving back to our community by helping out local schools and various organizations. We are honored to be sponsors and participants of some great community-oriented projects including Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, Families with SMA, and many others. One of the ways we try to give back to the out community is by educating our youth. We actively participate in local schools during their career day to provide dental insight to young minds. We’re proud sponsors of their athletic leagues, yearbook clubs, and many other activities and organizations.

We also sponsor Smiles Change Lives and are partners with Nova Southeastern University. Our relations with so many great organizations help us in accomplishing our goal of spreading smiles.