Braces 101

Braces Overview

Braces have been used to straighten teeth for decades. There are different types of braces, from traditional metal train tracks to modern self-ligating clear braces. All kinds of braces work on the same mechanical principle. The combination of brackets and wires exerts a gentle yet constant force on your teeth, guiding them to the desired position.  Today’s braces are more effective and discreet than ever. With so many options available in the market, you don’t have to worry about your look anymore, and even treatment times have been shortened!

Metallic vs Clear Braces

We offer both metal and clear braces so that patients can choose the option that better suits their lifestyle. Traditional metal braces are the most widely-used type of braces. These braces use medical-degree stainless steel brackets and arch wires, and thanks to technological advances, they are less bulky and more effective than ever. 

Ceramic braces are made of clear resins, making them less visible on teeth than metal ones. Ceramic braces are used mainly on patients who have cosmetic concerns but are especially recommended for adults, as they require more attention to oral hygiene (they are larger and more brittle than their metal counterparts).

Empower 2

Empower 2 braces can be either metal or ceramic and the main difference with conventional braces is how the archwire is attached to the brackets. It is an excellent choice for complex treatments and patients who want to spend less time in the dental chair.

Pitts 21

Just like Empower 2, Pitts21 is another type of self-ligating braces. As mentioned before, by eliminating the friction between the arch wires and the rubber bands, these modern braces are more effective and faster than conventional ones. These brackets are small, discreet and hygienic, but they are only available in metal.

Braces Cost

The cost of the treatment depends on multiple aspects like complexity, type of braces, and the need for other orthodontic devices. It’s hard to estimate a quote without a clinical examination. However, at Naidu Orthodontics, we believe that everybody deserves a beautiful smile. We offer different flexible payment plans and we work with the majority of credit cards and insurance companies. In addition, we also offer a courtesy discount for those treatments paid in whole by cash or cheque. 

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