Phase 1 Treatment

What is Phase 1 Treatment?

Two-phase treatment is an orthodontic treatment that focuses on obtaining the correct alignment of teeth and facial structures from an early age. If children start a two-phase treatment in their early years, most orthodontic problems can be intercepted and corrected, or at least improved.

Phase 1 treatments are performed before all the permanent teeth have come out, so they are usually indicated in kids up to 12 years old. They aim to guide teeth and jaw structures while they are still developing, intercepting problems during their first stages and obtaining correct teeth alignment and facial proportions.

Phase 1 Treatment

Treatment options

Phase 1 treatments can be either orthodontic (braces) or orthopedic (oral appliances). Braces are typically used to guide teeth eruption, and orthopedic appliances like palate expanders and thumb sucking devices are intended to eliminate bad habits and correct alterations in the development of the jawbones.

Sometimes, baby teeth extractions are also indicated to allow the correct eruption of permanent teeth.

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